Chia sẻ bộ Square Box Mockup bằng photoshop (.psd)

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    Hướng dẫ sử dụng có sẵn trong file bạn download về. Ở đây chúng tôi chỉ đưa ra một số hướng dẫn cơ bản thôi.


    Guide Instruction
    Step 1 :


    Open folder (Paste your design...) then double-click the
    layer to replace it with your images/template.
    or "Smart Object thumbnail" (marked with Red color), it
    will open new editing tab in your document. Paste your
    design inside that tab, save then close the tab. Enjoy the

    Example :
    Blank | BEFORE


    Your Design | AFTER :


    Guide Instruction
    Step 2 :


    Open Object folder, you will find specular layer (marked
    with Orange color)..
    You can left click the indicated layer for On/Off specular or
    you can adjust it by yourself


    Example : ON / OFF “Specular”
    Specluar |ON : Specular | OFF :


    *Also, you can increase/decrease the specular effect, use “Opacity” and make your own.


    Guide Instruction
    STEP 3 :


    Open object folder then you will find shadow layer..
    (marked with Yellow color), it will allow you to
    easily adjust the opacity

    -On -Off

    Tips : Open Shadow Folder, edit Ao/shadow “Opacity” until 100% or like you want.

    Guide Instruction
    STEP 4 :


    “Color” Folder : Background, double click “Layer
    thumbnail” on “Color FIll” to use any color like you need.
    Then, dissable / click “Indicates layer visibility” on layer
    Your background.
    Thank you for downloading this mockup, I hope you enjoy and please rate this item with 5 stars :

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